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Why UniGuide

Do not spend on what we've already done

Providing the best visitor experience is your job. Developing and maintaining apps and IT platforms is ours. Do what you do best, and let us do the rest. Your financial manager will approve.

No Wi-Fi? No problem!

All tours in UniGuide are available for offline use, including their maps. If your site has spotty or no Wi-Fi coverage, your visitors can download the content in advance to have a smooth experience throughout the whole area.

Full control over your Content

Your content stays yours. Control when and which part of it is visible to the public. Switch any part of the tour on and off during temporary exhibits or closures.

Fastidious visitors deserve your attention too

Your audio wand, if you have one, may be great, but many visitors may be reluctant to use a device that has been handled by thousands before them. Let them use their own phone.

Built-in maps for outdoor tours

If your tour covers an outdoor area, the app will provide your visitors with online and offline maps showing your tour objects. All you need to do is provide their locations by pointing at them in Google Maps. Once.

Drive traffic to your site

People use UniGuide for more than listening to tours. Many use the list of closest tours and built-in map to discover new places to visit. Don’t let them miss your site!

Let them learn your content, not interface

Even if you have an app or a device, some visitors prefer using the app they are already familiar with. They just want to concentrate on what you have to show and tell them, not on how to operate another audio tour system.

Keep their phones clutter-free

Got your own app? Your frequent visitors may appreciate one. It’s likely that you have many infrequent or one-time visitors, however, who don’t want to clutter their phone with apps from every museum they visit. Keeping their smartphones clutter-free is yet another point they may praise you for in reviews and conversation.

Online tours for an immediate start

UniGuide allows content to be streamed over the Internet, so the user doesn’t need to download the entire audio tour before they can start listening to it. If your site has solid Wi-Fi coverage, use it.

Tours on demand

Your visitors may want to listen to some of your content later or share with their friends. Your tour will be with them when they want it.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where will be our content hosted?
The content is hosted on our servers and delivered to the users via a content delivery network.
Are we giving up any rights in our content by uploading it to UniGuide?

No. The content stays yours, UniGuide claims no rights to it, except the right to distribute the content via UniGuide apps as long as you allow us doing so. Withdraw any distribution rights will take you one mouse click.

Do we have to provide images for our audio tour?

You will need to provide at least one image - an icon for the tour itself.

You do not have to provide any images for the exhibits (objects). The app will show no icons or background images, if you do not provide them, but the users can still use the app to listen to your audio.

Can we promote our own app through UniGuide?
Absolutely! In the tour description you can add as many hyperlinks to your app, web site, etc. as you need.
Can we offer tours in languages other than English?

Yes, you can. UniGuide has no non-English interface, but your audio can be in any language. If you have more than one language, we strongly suggest you create different tours for each of them, to avoid any confusion among the users.

We have a lot of content. Can we upload it in bulk?

Our CMS currently does not provide such capability, but we are always happy to help you out. Register in our CMS and send us a request for the bulk upload via the CMS contact form. We will get in touch with you to upload your content that you can later manage as you wish.

Why are you doing it for free? What's the trick?

The “trick” is to encourage your visitors who do not have our app to install it and use it in other places as well.

Our expenses are expected to be covered by selling premium content (e.g. downtown walking tours), charging fees for using our CMS to museums that join UniGuide later, and producing content for audio tours.

Which sites have tours available in UniGuide?

Please see the full map below.

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